The rewilding is the beginning.

ghost dance 3 bison

Sometimes you hear a story and it sticks with you.

Ideas related to it, possible avenues to explore and a project or work begins to form around it.

It started with the ghost dance, but soon pulled much closer to home

Famous Wild West figure, Col. “Buffalo Bill” Cody, twice brought his Congress of Rough Riders to Bury in around the turn of the 20th Century. For two days, they entertained the locals with displays of trick riding, recreations of famous battles and a world as for from the North West of England as possible.

It was from this jumping off point that we have been working on our new project entitled “Bringing the Buffalo Home”. For the first part of this project we will begin a process of “Rewilding” at this years Head for the Hills Festival in Ramsbottom.

This will consist of an exhibition and a sculptural element which explores this rich vein of our hidden history.

The rewilding is the beginning.

Can you hear the sound? Can you feel the rumble? The Buffalo are massing.

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