Stock Exchange


The Manchester Art Authority is excited to be part of Stock Exchange in Sadler’s Yard on Saturday 25th May 2019 12:00-18:00.

As part of Noma, this pioneering, post-capitalist event is being hosted by The Old Bank Residency and will take the form of an experimental barter system:

“The success of our current economic model relies on infinite growth and consumption in a finite world. This system is confusing, worrying and, above all, boring.

For one day only we invite you to go ‘off the books’ in an exploration of a more simple and enjoyable economic model – the barter system. Everybody is welcome to come along and take part in a day of cashless trading for our first annual Stock Exchange.

Through this event we are acknowledging our deep-seated consumer conditioning that gives us a buzz to acquire new things, despite the very real fact that we all have more than enough stuff already. By moving trade-able objects around through a frenetic days trading at our Stock Exchange we hope to sate our need for consumption without putting any additional strain on our wallets or the planet.


Come with handheld, trade-able objects. This could be pieces of art, tools, fresh produce, raw materials, clothing, books or vouchers for services to be rendered.


Swap your items for something you would like. The value of your item is dictated by the deal you do, an old saw for a pizza? Sure! A map of the far eastern fells for a candlestick? Don’t mind if I do.


We haven’t done this before; this is an experiment.
We would like you to approach all encounters with open-minded sense of possibility. We don’t encourage you to aggressively trade your way from a paperclip to a superyacht (please don’t bring paperclips or superyachts).


Trading commences in Sadler’s Yard at 12pm and will continue until all goods are swapped! We will have DJ sets, outdoor seating areas, beer tasting and talks throughout the afternoon about the sharing economy.”

Operating as a precursor to The Manchester Art Authority’s forthcoming installation on the subject of finance and value at The Old Bank Residency in October, we will be operating a stall providing you with the opportunity to create your very own unique artistic currency.  All you have to do is supply us with your most aspirational dreams.  So come down to see us at Sadler’s Yard on Saturday.  And dream out loud…

Find details online here: Stock Exchange

Twitter: @SadlersYard    @oldbanknoma


The end of the exhibition is the start of the next exhibition.

Time. Space. Distance.


These are a few things you often don’t feel you get in the planning, build up and installation of an exhibition which you have been planning for a long time.

And then…it’s all over.

It happened, the work spoke for itself and we were overwhelmed by the positive (and sometimes unexpectedly deep) reactions to the work we have spent so long with.

The end of the exhibition is the start of the next exhibition.