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How to hang art at home

How to hang art at home By BoostCommerce Collaborator

We all know the importance of art therapy when it comes to improving mental health. From life drawing in your local gallery on a Thursday night, to...

Collector Trend: Still Life

Collector Trend: Still Life By Janine Wixforth

For centuries painters have been depicting inanimate objects from their direct surrounding such as flowers, rocks, food or vases. Still life is probably one of the most popular genres ever. Today, still life continues to be a very vibrant genre and is often produced with a range of different media such as photography, digital graphics, and even video.
Fine art prints collector’s guide

Fine art prints collector’s guide By Janine Wixforth

Strolling through art fairs or galleries you might have noticed this one confusing category that is sold among the usual paintings and sculptures. We call them “original prints” or “fine art prints”, “multiples” and so on. Due to their often lower price point they are a popular entry-level segment for new collectors. We show you what you really need to know about them, especially if you’re thinking about purchasing a print.
How to start an art collection

How to start an art collection By Janine Wixforth

Whether you’re investing in old masters, well-established contemporaries, or the latest video pieces, collecting art can be a risky process. For most people, the trouble comes when trying to start a collection and invest in art on a budget. How to make sure the money you invest into your art collection, even if it is on a small-budget basis, is well spent?
Should I Invest in Art on Trends or Personal Taste?

Should I Invest in Art on Trends or Personal Taste? By BoostCommerce Collaborator

With art sales in 2016 exceeding $45billion (according to the 2017 TEFAF market report), an increase 1.7% increase over 2015, and a further increas...

Small paintings that fit every space

Small paintings that fit every space By Janine Wixforth

You're searching for an original painting but you don't think you have enough space? Have a look at our selection of unique, small scale artworks...

Abstract artworks that will light up your mood this January

Abstract artworks that will light up your mood this January By Janine Wixforth

The lights are out, Christmas is over and you need something to brighten your mood this January? These are this month's sunniest, abstract ARTPIQ'...

Amazing artworks under €350

Amazing artworks under €350 By Janine Wixforth

As an emerging art collector, you become an early patron of an artists work and personally connect with a product you really believe in. So say y...

Original artworks you can finance

Original artworks you can finance By Janine Wixforth

You'd love to own an original painting, a large eye-catcher to center your living room but your current budget doesn't allow it? We know the stru...

5 abstract painters to watch

5 abstract painters to watch By Janine Wixforth

No contemporary art museum, art fair or important masters auction can go without abstract painting. The next generation of artists exploring the...

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