Theresa Kallrath

Based Düsseldorf, Germany
Theresa Kallrath - artist


Artist of abstract art paintings. Theresa studied at Konstskolan Lund, Sweden; École nationale supérieure Beaux-Arts de Paris, France with Prof. Figarella and Prof. Piffaretti as well as Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany with Prof. Anzinger, Prof. Brandl and Prof. Dziersk. 

Statement by curator Suzy Royal:

"Theresa Kallrath’s abstract paintings consciously avoid any preliminary thoughts that would be reflected in the conception of a specific object or item. The creation of her, mostly large, acrylic paintings are rooted in a process of finding and defining that takes place unintentionally. Thus, the title of her paintings are purely of associative nature, referring to mostly positive spirits and moods, perceptions and experiences of the young artist. Moments of chance are the driving forces of her painting process. These moments translate into a logic that the young artist recognizes and that she sticks to. The elements and structures of colors that the painting is made up of are formed with various tools. Brushes, scrapers, wooden slats and her own hands serve as tools for the young artist."


  • Kunstakademie Duesseldorf (MFA) (Prof. Anzinger, Prof. Brandl, Prof. Dziersk), Germany
  • École nationale supérieure Beaux-Arts de Paris (Prof. Figarella, Prof. Piffaretti), France
  • Konstskolan Lund, Sweden

Selected Exhibitions & Awards

2019: Paper Positions, Basel</li>
2019: Enter Art Foundation, Berlin</li>
2019: Heinrich Hoff Burg Galerie, Brüggen</li>
2019: Von Fraunberg Art Gallery, Düsseldorf</li>
2019: Malkasten Künstlerverein, Düsseldorf</li>
2019: Steigenberger Parkhotel, Düsseldorf</li>
2019: Pina Miami, Miami</li>
2019: Conmoto Art Gallery, Münster</li>
2018: Enter Art Foundation, Berlin</li>
2018: Löwenpalais Grunewald, Berlin</li>
2018: Heinrich Hoff Burg Galerie, Brüggen</li>
2018: Von Fraunberg Art Gallery, Düsseldorf</li>
2018: Malkasten Künstlerverein, Düsseldorf</li>
2018: Steigenberger Parkhotel, Düsseldorf</li>
2018: Conmoto Art Gallery, Münster</li>
2018: Gallery Art Moves, Ratingen</li>
2018: Stockholm Art Week, Stockholm</li>
2018: Mercedez Benz, Stockholm</li>
2017: Kunststiftung Starke, Berlin</li>
2017: Gallery the Art Cube, Düsseldorf</li>
2017: Kö-Gallery, Düsseldorf</li>
2017: Von Fraunberg Art Gallery, Düsseldorf</li>
2017: LWL Museum: Metzelder Stiftung, Münster</li> 
2017: Sculpture Projects 2017, Münster</li> 
2017: Galerie gauche et droite, Paris</li>


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  • Has collaborated with top brands and institutions (Mercedes Benz, Commerzbank, Anson's Fashion, Christoph Metzelder Stiftung, Unicef etc.)
  • Studied under renowned artists
  • Internationally exhibited
  • Achievements & Goals

    • Young Talent Art Award Winner
    • Unicef Art Ambassador
    • International #kallART shows
    • #kallARTyourlife
  • Genre & Style

    • Contemporary
    • Abstract
    • Powerful
  • Inspiration & Vision

    • Life
    • Love
    • Laugh

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